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I’m Jess, an artist and instructor living ocean side in Queensland, Australia. I’m a detail-obsessed, ice-cream loving, business nut, wife and mumma of two.


Painting for me is a very therapeutic process. I use art as a positive outlet, loosing myself in music and a mess of paint and imagination. Centering myself in my little studio with nothing more than my canvas and paints to create works that project emotion upon the viewer and myself.


"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."


The process is lengthy, and you can quiet often find me lounging in the bean bag with a cup of tea, reflecting on the piece in front of me - appreciating what has rightfully being accomplished and what elements are yet to be seen and felt. I'll move near-finished works around my home, communing with a piece for several weeks until satisfied it is truly done.


"If that stroke of paint neither makes your piece better or worse – let it be."


Painting is a never-ending journey where there is always a challenge, a learning experience and inspiration to record. No matter the medium, my art has always been a manifestation of my personal thoughts, visions, emotions, and life journey.


A painting has a life of its own. Full of expression and emotion, depth and beauty. I am still mesmerised by everyday happenings and am guided by the exploration of colour, light, and space.  It fills me with excitement and wild wonder to capture the beauty and magic of what I see and feel.

"Never lose your childish innocence. It is the most important thing."

Using a limited palette, I aim to create and paint colours good enough to swim in. I aim to capture raw and natural beauty through each piece. Showing the rhythm, softness, fluidity, and freedom. When it all comes together, I get to make the world more beautiful - and someone's wall more colourful.

I create my pieces not to be seen but to be experienced by the viewer. I want to allow each person to make their own honest connection between my work and their own emotions. Whether a piece be simply something lovely to gaze upon, or reflect a much large connection - I hope viewers enjoy diving deep and loosing themselves in my art.


As an instructor, I share my art and knowledge both in person and online and I’m loving every minute of it! The best part of it all - seeing people create something extraordinary with my support and the proud glow they feel having accomplished the once unachievable.


If you have a wall you would like me to bring alive, then let’s chat!


For collabs, work projects, features, or just to say hello, please flick me a message at:


Enjoy them!





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