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Limited edition reproduction prints are an effective and affordable way to get my art onto your walls. Available in a number of different dimensions...



Art is better in person. No two of my paintings are the same. Here's your change to own a unique and original work of art that is yours and yours alone!


Small Originals

Are you working with limited space? Get your hands on a smaller sized Original painting, perfect for any room! Or a beautiful gift...

Meet Jess: The Artist

"Good art is not what it looks like but what it does to us" - Roy Adzak


Queensland artist and instructor.


I'm filled with excitement and wild wonder to capture the beauty and magic of what I see and feel.


Exploring the connection between
art and freedom...

"I want to paint colours good enough to swim in."

Like a flower, a painting has a life of its own. Full of expression and emotion, depth and beauty. I could look upon flowers all day and still be mesmerised. I'm filled with excitement and wild wonder to capture the beauty and magic of what I see and feel.

Using a limited palette, I aim to create and paint colours good enough to swim in - with petals soft enough to touch. I aim to capture their raw and natural beauty, growth and velvety features through each piece. Showing the rhythm of leaves and steams. The fluidity of petals. The freedom they have and the desire to follow the sun. When it all comes together, I get to make the world more beautiful - and someone's wall more colorful.

I want to allow each person to make their own honest connection between my work and their own emotions. Whether a flower be simply something lovely to gaze upon, or reflect a much large connection - I hope viewers enjoy diving deep and loosing themselves in Blooms.

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