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Welcome! I'd love to invite you to paint with me. Below I offer you a free sample of my training tutorials that will continue to grow.


Art is for everyone and all it takes is a willingness to be learn, be compassionate with yourself and not be afraid to try something new. Perhaps this something you have always wanted to have a go at!


So put your money away, it's no good to you here! Spend nothing but a few minutes of your time and enjoy a quick sneak peek of the learning

process as my guest! Are you ready to explore your creativity?



Ever wondered how to create your own fluffy clouds? I wanted to share with you, one method I use to create clouds in my own art work. Follow along in the steps below.


STEP 1: With a large square headed brush, begin laying primary blue acrylic paint at the top of your canvas. Use the widest portion of your bush and beginning from the top left hand side across to the top right hand side in a long horizontal sweeping motion. Continue this down the canvas.

STEP 2: With a clean brush, apply a small amount of titanium white acrylic paint in the same motion beginning from the bottom left hand side of your canvas to the right hand side. Continue blending up to the middle point of your painting. Use a soft hand to ensure a nice even blend into your primary blue. This renders a nice blend between darker blue to lighter cloudy blue. Allow your painting to dry completely.

STEP 3: Take a dry old square headed brush with worn bristles in different directions. Apply a VERY small amount of titanium white to your brush and apply to your canvas in a tapping motion. Apply the most amount of paint to the heaviest portion of your cloud and fan off to nearly no paint towards to the smallest portion of your cloud. NOTE: Clouds should be placed on a diagonal angle to help frame your painting.

STEP 4: With the same bush (ensuring it is clean and dry), fan out the cloud using a circular rotating motion. Repeat the above steps until you have the desired number of clouds. HOT TIP: Clouds should vary in size and direction to create an element of realism and interest.

STEP 5: Mix together a small amount of blue and red to create a dark hue of purple which will be used to create depth under your clouds. With a dry, old, square headed brush, apply the purple hue paint at the base of your clouds using the same circular rotating motion. HOT TIP: Less is more in this instance. Use minimal paint on your brush to create a soft look.



You've created your very own cloud painting. 

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